Married with vs. married to

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WRONG: I am married with Honza.
RIGHT: I am married to Honza.

We’ve previously talked about how you don’t say you are ‘dating with’ someone, just that you are ‘dating’ them. Well, this is the next stage – marriage!

First, you have a wedding. Note, however, we say ‘a’ wedding, not just, ‘we have wedding.’ It needs the article and sounds strange without it.

And then when you’ve done that, you are married ‘to’ him, not married ‘with’ him.

Let’s look at how it works in this funny conversation:

A: Are you still dating Honza?
B: No, I’m not.

A: I’m sorry about that. But actually, I always thought he was a bit of an idiot!

B: I am not dating Honza anymore. I am married to him!