To make a research vs. to do some research

B1- B1 B2 C1

WRONG: Before I write my essay, I need to make a research.
RIGHT: Before I write my essay, I need to do some research

This week’s Czenglish mistake actually concerns not one but two errors. The first is the ongoing problem knowing whether to choose ‘make’ or ‘do’. In Czech you have delat and that covers everything – but in English it’s one or the other.

For example, we ‘do’ homework but ‘make’ a decision. But how do I know which one it is? Generally, make means to create something, do means to carry out or perform something – but there are lots of little exceptions! So it’s far better just to hear the collocation and remember them.

So one to remember for today – research is always do. We do research.

The second key thing is the fact that research is also uncountable. You can’t do a research, you just do research. Or if you want to stress that you didn’t just look up one document on Wikipedia but looked at lots of different sources, say ‘some’ research.