To make fun from vs. to make fun of

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WRONG: My friend likes to make fun from her brother.
RIGHT: My friend likes to make fun of her brother.

Making jokes about people is not a very nice thing to do – but let’s be honest – we all do it. It’s important, however, to get your preposition correct when talking about it.

We don’t say, ‘make fun from’, we say, ‘make fun of’. You can make fun of a person, or a group, or even a situation.

Speaking of joke-based mistakes, be careful if you use the phrase ‘take the piss’. This common British phrase, which means to make fun of, needs the article ‘the’. If you simply say, take piss, it sounds like you are taking a sample of urine to your doctor.

Here are both phrases together:

My friend likes to make fun of her brother. She’s always taking the piss out of the way he dresses!