Last vs. take

WRONG: The movie takes 100 minutes.
RIGHT: The movie lasts 100 minutes.

Last and take are easily confused in English. They are both concerned with the duration of something but they are slightly different. ‘Last’ is the length of something but generally, it is already decided. For example, you can say, „The movie lasts 100 minutes,“ because that’s how long you need to watch it. Not longer, not shorter, it is already set at 100 minutes.

‘Take’ is also the length of something, but it can be affected by other factors. For example, a journey can take someone 30 minutes, but take another person 20 minutes if they are a faster driver. The weather can affect it also, so you can say, „Normally, it takes 2 hours to drive to Brno, but because of the rain, it took two and half hours.“

Put together:

A: How long will it take you to come to my place?

B: Well, I’ll go to my English lesson which lasts 60 minutes, and come over after that. So I guess it should take me about an hour and a half.