It’s really wet vs. It’s really moist

B1- B1 B2 C1

WRONG: This sponge cake is delicious. It’s really wet.
RIGHT: This sponge cake is delicious. It’s really moist.

Firstly, what’s a sponge cake? Isn’t a sponge that thing you use to watch your car or yourself with? Well, yes it is. But it’s also the basic cake we use for baking – babovka.

Now, a dry sponge cake is not good. But who wants to eat a wet sponge cake? Not me either. In English, that sounds disgusting. It is important for a sponge cake to have a bit of moisture in it. If it does, we say, the cake is ‘moist’. This is the correct term.

Interestingly, a synonym for ‘moist’ is ‘damp’ and we could use both to describe the moisture in the air. The air is damp / moist. But again, a damp cake sounds horrible, like it’s swimming in water.

So next time you make your teacher a sponge cake, make it moist and use the word moist to describe it!