It’s a good question vs. it’s a question

B1- B1 B2 C1

WRONG: Will I leave my job soon? It’s a question.
RIGHT: Will I leave my job soon? It’s a good question

We often use a phrase to express the fact that we have been asked something that is not easy to answer. But unlike in Czech, this phrase is not simply, „It’s a question.“ That makes no sense to us in English. Of course it is a question. But what kind of question is it?

In English, we need to add an adjective to the sentence. We need to say, „It’s a good question“ (or „That’s a good question“ – it doesn’t matter too much which). Other common examples are – „It’s a difficult question“, or „It’s an interesting question.“ But you cannot simply say, „It’s a question.“

You can however use the phrase, „It’s a question of…“ So for example, if someone asks you why you aren’t going on holiday this year, you could reply, „It’s a question of money.“

Here are both examples together:

A: Why don’t you play squash much these days?
B: Oh, it’s a question of time. I’m so busy at work.
A: Do you still enjoy your job?
B: That’s a good question!