Very interesting vs. An interesting thing

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WRONG: Very interesting is that cows have six stomachs.
RIGHT: An interesting thing is that cows have six stomachs.

The construction of Czech and English sentences are usually very different. While you can often play around with the word order of Czech sentences, we are much stricter in English.

One aspect of this is how sentences are started.

In Czech, for example, it is usual to start a sentence with ‘Very interesting is…’ – in English this is wrong. We do not generally start sentences with adjectives or adverb/adjective combinations.

Instead, we use a variety of options – ‘What’s interesting is…’, ‘One thing that’s interesting is…’, ‘An interesting thing is…’

Or for a neat academic – normally written – alternative you can use the adjective as an adverb (followed by a comma) – ‘Interestingly, cows have six stomachs.’