In my opinion

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WRONG: According to my opinion, children eat too much fast food.
RIGHT: In my opinion, children eat too much fast food.

The first thing we need to say here is that ‘according’ always needs to be followed by the word ‘to’ – a word Czechs sometimes forget to add. So, we’d say according to the recipe, according to the film etc.

The phrase ‘according to my opinion’, however, is wrong. In English, we cannot say that something is according to you, only that it is according to someone else, or another source. So, we can say sentences like, “According to my friend, vindaloo is the hottest curry” or “According to Blesk, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have broken up!”

If we want to state what we think, we have to say, ‘From my point of view…’ or far more commonly, ‘In my opinion.’

So, as an example – “According to my friend, Czech children just aren’t interested in sport anymore. In my opinion, they eat too much fast food!”