In my life vs. of my life

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WRONG: At university, I had the best time in my life.
RIGHT: At university, I had the best time of my life.

We’ve all seen Dirty Dancing right? Well, most of us anyway. What is the name of the most famous song in it – the one where he does that weird lifting thing? I’m having the time…

…in my life?

Nope, try again.

…of my life?

Yes, exactly. Using ‘in’ instead of ‘of’ is a small but important preposition error made when students talk about significant experiences in their lives. You need to use ‘of’.

For example, University was the best time of my life. Failing my driving test was the most disappointing moment of my life.

You can say something like – ‘In my life, I have had many lovely memories.’ But with the superlatives, remember Patrick Swayze and use ‘of’.