I have the truth vs. I am right

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WRONG: You’re wrong. I have the truth!
RIGHT: You’re wrong. I am right!

Being right is very important – both in conversation and when it comes to grammar! This week’s Czenglish error concerns the idea of truth.

To say, ‘I have the truth’ is a very Czech construction (‘Mam pravdu!’). But it is not commonly used in English. Perhaps we might say it if you have finally found out the true story behind some event or mystery. E.g. ‘My husband was lying to me for years about his work trips but now I have the truth.’ Or if you are religious and think you know the ‘true’ way of our divine path!

But generally, when you just want to say that you have the answer, or that you are not wrong, we simply say, ‘I am right.’

You can also use the word ‘correct’ but it is much more formal, like you are answering questions on a TV quiz show!