I had luck vs. I was lucky

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WRONG: I shouldn’t have won today’s match. I had luck!
RIGHT: I shouldn’t have won today’s match. I was lucky!

Luck is an important thing in life – and sometimes you need it when trying to speak a language. Most of the time I try and speak Czech, it is luck if I choose the correct word ending!

When talking about luck in English, you need to be careful with your word choice. Generally, when talking about whether a particular situation was favourable to someone, we use the adjective ‘lucky’, rather than the noun ‘luck’.

So instead of saying ‘I had luck’, we more commonly say, ‘I was lucky.’

Just to make things more confusing though, we do often use the work luck with good and bad. E.g. ‘I had some good luck today’, or ‘You had bad luck with the weather while you were on holiday.’

So, when it comes to using luck or lucky. Well – good luck!