I arrived to vs. I arrived in

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WRONG: I arrived to Prague at 8pm.
RIGHT: I arrived in Prague at 8pm.

This week we will look at a very quick and simple error in our Czenglish collection. But it is a common one.

It is just an incorrect preposition. We’ve already discussed that when we talk about going to a place we say ‘to’ – we don’t say ‘on’. So for example, ‘I went to a concert’ or ‘I went to Greece on holiday.’

However, with the verb ‘arrive’ we don’t use on or we don’t use to. We use ‘in’. So instead of saying ‘I arrived to Prague at 8pm’, you should say, ‘I arrived in Prague at 8pm.’

To make it even more complicated, if you talking about the day you arrived, you do use on – so put together – ‘I arrived in Prague on Thursday at 8pm’.

English prepositions. You’ve got to love them!