Hit to the face vs. hit in the face

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WRONG: I accidentally hit my friend to the face.
RIGHT: I accidentally hit my friend in the face.

Be careful of accidentally hitting your friend because they might ‚accidentally‘ hit you back! This week’s Czenglish mistake concerns a wrong preposition.

We don’t say, „I hit him to the face“, we say „I hit him in the face.“ It makes sense, right? When you are asked where you have been hit, you don’t say ‚to the arm‘. You say, ‚in the arm‘. And it is the same in a full sentence where you are explaining where the point of contact is.

While we are talking about violence, there is also a difference between saying, „I shot at him“ and „I shot him“. If you say, „I shot him“ it means that you definitely hit him. If you say, „I shot at him“, it means that you shot in his direction, but it is unclear whether one of your shots connected.

But that’s enough about fighting for one week. You shouldn’t hit your friends in the face, you should kiss them ‚on‘ the face!