To have a mood vs. to be in a mood

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WRONG: My boss has a bad mood this morning.
RIGHT: My boss is in a bad mood this morning.

Bad moods are common, especially at work. But we don’t say someone has a bad mood. We say that they are ‘in’ a bad mood.

„My boss is in a bad mood this morning“ may sound strange, but trust me, this is a correct sentence.

A different phrase that confuses things is the phrase ‘have a bad temper’. It means that someone is often angry and it doesn’t take them much to explode. Here, a temper is something you ‘have’.

Let’s put the two phrases together:

„My friend has a really bad temper. This morning, he was in a bad mood and when the assistant at Starbucks got his coffee order wrong, he shouted at him in front of the whole cafe!“