Fairytale vs. cartoon

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WRONG: My favourite fairytale is Chip and Dale.
RIGHT: My favourite cartoon is Chip and Dale.

How anyone’s favourite animated TV show can be Chip and Dale is crazy to me. But I’ve heard it said by Czech students on more than one occasion.

The bigger problem is the mistake using the word ‘fairytale’. It is not a fairytale. There are no fairies, kings, princesses, goblins or magic spells that typify the fairytale genre. Fairytales can be films – animated or with real actors – or simply be books, that adults normally read to children.

Cartoons are short animated programmes on TV, like Chip and Dale, or Mickey Mouse or The Simpsons. If it is a longer cartoon made for the cinema it is called an animated film. Or feature-length cartoon.

And if you’re interested. My favourite fairytale? Beauty and the Beast. And my favourite cartoon? Family Guy. Definitely not Chip and annoying Dale.