Dresses vs. shirts

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WRONG: Slavia Prague players wear red dresses.
RIGHT: Slavia Prague players wear red shirts.

This week’s mistake is a funny one that will make most English speakers laugh if they hear it. If you say, “Slavia Prague players wear red dresses”, we imagine 11 muscular men running around a football pitch wearing pretty red ball gowns. It would be very funny if it was true.

They don’t wear dresses. They wear shirts, or jerseys. Dresses are the long things worn by women.

The shirts and shorts together is known as the ‘kit’ or ‘strip’. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with taking your clothes off! ‘Strip’ just means the whole sports outfit.

So, to put everything together, we might say:

I like the Slavia kit this year. It’s much nicer than last year’s strip. The shirt was disgusting!