At my age vs. in my age

WRONG: Hangovers are very unpleasant in my age.
RIGHT: Hangovers are very unpleasant at my age.

A small preposition error is this week’s Czenglish mistake. The phrase ‚in my age‘ is often used by Czech speakers of English, but it is wrong. We say, ‘at my age.’

It can come at the start or the end of a sentence. So, you can say, „At my age, hangovers are very unpleasant,“ or „Hangovers are very unpleasant at my age.“

We also use it with the phrase, ‘at the age of’. So, for example, we might say, „She got married at the age of 23.“

So do we ever use the preposition ‘in’ with ‘age?’ Yes, but we would only really use it if we are referring to a time period. For example, ‘In the age of the dinosaurs’, or ‘in the age of the Romans.’