Really angry on me vs. really angry with me

B1- B1 B2 C1

WRONG: Yesterday my boss was really angry on me.
RIGHT: Yesterday my boss was really angry with me.

Prepositions are a nightmare when it comes to switching between languages and there are hundreds of differences. This week’s one concerns being angry!

If you have disappointed someone and there are annoyed with you, then they are not angry ‘on’ you, but angry ‘with’ you.

You can also say they were angry ‘at’ you – but this is slightly stronger and suggests that your boss was shouting or being more demonstrative of that anger.

Finally, if you are talking about a situation, we say, angry about something.

Let’s put the three together:

A: Yesterday my boss was really angry with me.

B: Why? What was he angry about?

A: I came late for the second time that week. He was shouting and screaming. He’d never been angry at me like that before!