Always vs. still

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WRONG: My wife is still talking all the time.
RIGHT: My wife is always talking all the time.

The confusion between ‘still’ and ‘always’ come from the Czech word ‘pořád’. In Czech, you can often use it for both, but in English, they are different.

‘Always’ means that you do something the same every time. For example, if you go to Croatia every summer, you can say, „We always go to Croatia on our holiday.“ It is not one continuous activity but something that happens each time.

‘Still’ means something has started and it hasn’t stopped. The activity or hobby or whatever is still in progress. So, for example, you can say, „Are you still dating Honza?“ or „I am still working on that marketing project. It’s taking ages.“

Here are the two words put together:

A: Are you still going to the gym?

B: Yes, I always go after work on Wednesdays.