Phrase of the Week

Představujeme vám užitečné fráze, které rodilí mluvčí v běžném životě používají, ale které v učebnicích často nenajdete.

Phrase of the Week

To ring a bell

21. 12. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

“What did you say was his name?”
“Peter Douglas. Does it ring a bell?
“I’ve heard it before for sure, but I can’t remember where.”

Phrase of the Week

What a nightmare!

14. 12. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: Just ten minutes before the interview I got stuck in a traffic jam!
B: What a nightmare!

Phrase of the Week

Day in, day out

7. 12. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: How are you getting on with your job?
B: Not so great. The same routine day in, day out. It’s really dull.

Phrase of the Week

It’s not rocket science

30. 11. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: How did you managed to record this movie?
B: It’s not rocket science! I just programed the DVD recorder.

Phrase of the Week

Crystal clear

23. 11. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B2 C1

I really don’t get what is so difficult about assembling a child’s bed. Look at the instructions, it’s crystal clear!

Phrase of the Week

As a treat

16. 11. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: It’s my birthday tomorrow.
B: Congratulations. Why don’t I take you to the cinema as a treat?
A: Thanks.

Phrase of the Week

Under one’s thumb

9. 11. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

“Maria’s not coming with us?”
“No, she was told to go home right after school. She is completely under her parents’ thumb.

Phrase of the Week

Running around like headless chickens

2. 11. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: How was the first day in your new job?
B: Not very good. It was very disorganised – all the staff were running around like headless chickens. I didn’t get a computer, had nowhere to sit and didn’t get lunch either.

Phrase of the Week

To make a scene

26. 10. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

“I think I forgot to lock the door when we were leaving.”
“How could you have forgotten to lock the door? We’re already late and now we have to go back! We’re going to miss the flight! That’s just great!”
“Stop making a scene, we’ve got a plenty of time, but you can go ahead and I’ll meet you at the airport.”

Phrase of the Week

Up for it

19. 10. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: I want to go to that new Hungarian restaurant. What do you think?
B: Yes, I’m up for it. I love spicy food!

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