Phrase of the Week

Představujeme vám užitečné fráze, které rodilí mluvčí v běžném životě používají, ale které v učebnicích často nenajdete.

Phrase of the Week

On the brain

6. 7. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: I get so bored talking to Jaromír. All he’s interested in is frisbee.
B: I know. He’s got frisbee on the brain.

Phrase of the Week

Just this once

29. 6. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: I need to leave work early on Friday. Is that possible? An hour early.
B: OK. Just this once.

Phrase of the Week

Give over!

21. 6. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

We use this expression to show we don’t believe something, or to show we think something is a big surprise to us. You can use this phrase in ………… language.  Spoken  Informal Example 1 A: I saw Chuck Norris in the city centre this morning. In fact I had a coffee with him. B: With […]

Phrase of the Week

I’ll bear it in mind

15. 6. 2020

A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: If you want to go to Disneyland, go mid-week. The queues aren’t so bad.
B: Thank you. I’ll bear that in mind.

Phrase of the Week

Come to think of it

7. 6. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: Have you seen Petra anywhere?
B: No. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her all day. Is she here at all?
A: I don’t know.

Phrase of the Week

Out of curiosity

24. 5. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: You weren’t in when I called yesterday. Out of curiosity, where were you?
B: Oh, yes. I was with some colleagues who I hadn’t seen for years.

Phrase of the Week

I’m on top of it

17. 5. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: How are you managing with writing all those companies?
B: I’m on top of it now. I should finish in a couple of days.

Phrase of the Week

Worse than useless

10. 5. 2020

A1 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: If you’ve got a backache, try some of this.
B: No – I tried that last time. It was worse than useless. It made me feel sick as well!

Phrase of the Week

Here we go again

3. 5. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: Janet has asked to talk to you about extra money.
B: Here we go again. Every year she tries to get more money, but it’s just not possible.

Phrase of the Week

We’ll come up with something

26. 4. 2020

A1 A2 B1- B1 B2 C1

A: What are you going to say to the manager when he finds out the contract has been cancelled?
B: I don’t know now. I’ll come up with something. Don’t worry.

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