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Připravujeme pro vás zkrácené texty článků publikovaných na předních zpravodajských serverech, doplněné o otázky a výklad klíčových slovíček a slovních spojení.

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Speaking many languages

20. 10. 2014

Timothy Doner looks like an ordinary American teenager. However, videos going round the internet show him chatting with a bookshop owner in Urdu, responding to a teacher in his Mandarin class, discussing the similarities between Hebrew and Arabic in Arabic.

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Living in a big city

13. 10. 2014

America is full of vast, empty spaces. Europe, by contrast, seems full of humans. Its history was shaped by a lack of room. Ironically, Europe’s lack of room partly reflects the fact that its large cities have relatively few people.

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Moving the capital

6. 10. 2014

Argentina has faced many difficulties so far this year. It is on the brink (1) of yet another economic default (2). Inflation is high, second only to Venezuela in the world. And Argentina’s national soccer squad lost against the Germans in the World Cup final.

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Endangered languages

29. 9. 2014

Most people know about endangered animal or plant species. They know that the panda or the polar bear are at risk of extinction (1). The loss of biodiversity has become a mainstream topic for politics, and, increasingly, policies.

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Criminalizing business operations

22. 9. 2014

Is the US government running the world’s largest shakedown (1) operation? If you are a big business, America’s regulatory system has been a huge money drain (2) for you recently.

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The power of tech giants

15. 9. 2014

About a decade ago, people were very scornful of Microsoft and deliberately opted for products from other companies or for non-proprietary (1) software. The reason they did not like Microsoft was its pervasive (2) and abusive technology monopoly.

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Elements of Scottish nationalism

8. 9. 2014

Up to the 1950s, Scots had been very much pro-UK. The weakening of this attitude in Scotland is linked to Britain’s retreat (1) from empire, whose fruits Scotland enjoyed in a disproportionate way.

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Eurocrisis and the ECB’s response

30. 6. 2014

Some analysts consider the European Central Bank’s recent monetary easing, which involved negative rates on banks’ deposits at the ECB, a farce. These analysts have argued that the measures made use of illusionist tricks, but had very little real power to lift inflation from its dangerously low level.

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The stupid things we argue about

23. 6. 2014

After some time together, couples tend to develop topics that they disagree on and argue about. Some of these are very common.

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True AI?

16. 6. 2014

A computer programme succeeded in convincing humans it was a 13-year-old boy in simulated conversations. This amounts to passing what is called the Turing test.

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