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Připravujeme pro vás zkrácené texty článků publikovaných na předních zpravodajských serverech, doplněné o otázky a výklad klíčových slovíček a slovních spojení.

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Easily Misused and Confused Words Part 3

4. 5. 2015

Thanks to Steve Heap of Alchemy Corporate Training in Malaysia for adding some more words that people often confuse or misuse to my list.

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Budget mania

5. 1. 2015

George Osborne, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, has the reputation of a master political strategist in the media and in Westminster.

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The history of the feminist movement

15. 12. 2014

People tend to think the suffragettes were the only feminist movement before and during the First World War. This is an oversimplification at best. Feminism was never a united force.

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Losing weight

8. 12. 2014

Many people around the developed world are anxious to lose, or at least not to put on, weight. Women particularly seem to be paying a lot of attention to keeping their weight down.

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Food war

1. 12. 2014

The number of bankruptcies of specialist food producers (as of September) increased by 28% year on year in the UK. This includes wholesale (1) bakeries, pasta makers, fish processors and ready meal manufacturers.

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Prison love

24. 11. 2014

A 26-year-old woman is due to marry an 80-year-old killer. To boot (1), the killer is bound to spend the rest of his days in prison. Why would anybody want to marry him?

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Does privacy keep us together?

17. 11. 2014

Sometimes hotel staff have a look at the guest’s belongings. One guest at an undisclosed (1) city in the US decided to leave a camera in his unoccupied room. The camera had been turned on (2).

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Cosmic inequality

10. 11. 2014

“We would love to finish what we started some years ago … I think millions of people would one day love the chance to go to space.” This is what Richard Branson, the US space entrepreneur, said following the death of one of his pilots two weeks ago.

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Young voters turn-out

3. 11. 2014

Mid-term elections in the US are approaching. However, not many people seem inspired by them. There is a huge difference between mid-term and presidential elections.

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Self-presentation stereotypes

27. 10. 2014

Once princes would rely on portraits to find their spouses (1). Now the young and benevolent have Tinder. A mobile phone dating application.

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