Business Writing

V rubrice Business English vás seznamujeme s nejdůležitějšími pravidly moderní anglické obchodní korespondence. Autorkou rubriky je Dalice Trost.

Business Writing

Include all the information

8. 12. 2014

Make sure you have included all the information you need to convey

Business Writing

It’s about clarity. Be clear

1. 12. 2014

Write so that your readers don’t have to make an effort to understand you

Business Writing

27 Words to Use for Social Media Copywriting

24. 11. 2014

These days much business writing is writing for the web. I spend quite a bit of time copywriting and am always looking for new hints and tips. I recently found a post on’s blog which suggests that there are 27 words which are the ‘most retweetable and sharable’.

Business Writing

Useful Expressions for Your Business Writing

17. 11. 2014

Sometimes, particularly when you’re under pressure, you may not be able to put your finger on the words you need for the report or letter you are writing. Today’s tip includes some lists to help you out.

Business Writing

Making Recommendations

10. 11. 2014

This is another post in the series on report writing aimed to help you when you are searching for words to add variety to your writing.

Business Writing

Describing Graphs and Charts

3. 11. 2014

Often when we write reports we need to include graphs and charts and we need to describe what is happening in them. Do you find yourself writing, “went down slowly” or “went up quickly”? Or using the same words over and over?

Business Writing

Avoid Stuffy, Outdated Expressions

27. 10. 2014

Unless you want to sound very stuffy and old-fashioned, avoid using words and phrases that are never used in conversation.

Business Writing

Principles for Business Writing

20. 10. 2014

Following on from previous Tip about global Business English, here are some more principles for good business writing.

Business Writing

Your Audience and Global Business English

13. 10. 2014

In the Czech Republic companies employ people of many different nationalities. Some of them speak Czech; many do not. In most medium to large companies, and even in many small ones, the people are using English to communicate with each other.

Business Writing


6. 10. 2014

Recently a friend contacted me and asked, ‘Is it am and pm, or a.m. and p.m., or A.M. and P.M. or AM and PM?’

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