Business Writing

V rubrice Business English vás seznamujeme s nejdůležitějšími pravidly moderní anglické obchodní korespondence. Autorkou rubriky je Dalice Trost.

Business Writing

Much and many

21. 9. 2015

The words “much” and “many” regularly cause problems for non-native English speakers. They even cause problems for native speakers.

Business Writing

When to Use Capital (Upper Case) Letters

14. 9. 2015

Sometimes people get confused about when to use capital, or upper case, letters in English. Here are some guidelines to help you.

Business Writing

Idioms 2 (and some collocations): Talking about sales

7. 9. 2015

Idioms abound in English. In this series I am not providing comprehensive lists (I don’t think I could). I’ve focussed on the most commonly used ones. As well as some idioms, I’ve also listed some commonly used sales and marketing expressions.

Business Writing

Idioms 1: Idioms for Meetings

31. 8. 2015

In English we use many idioms. But what is an idiom? According to my Concise Oxford English Dictionary an idiom is ‘a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words’.

Business Writing

Understanding common directions

29. 6. 2015

When we write essays in an academic setting we are usually answering a question that has been set for us. At work, when it comes to business reports, we may also be given a question to answer, or directions to follow.

Business Writing

Report Writing—Some Useful Verbs

22. 6. 2015

Last week I gave you a list of nouns you can use when writing reports. Here are some verbs.

Business Writing

Report Writing—Some Useful Nouns

15. 6. 2015

English is a rich language with many different ways to express the same thing. One of the main reasons we use different words at different times is because it makes our writing more interesting.

Business Writing

Report Structure

8. 6. 2015

Different types of reports include some common structural elements. There are no hard and fast rules, and the information here is to guide you.

Business Writing

Transition Words to Use in Reports

1. 6. 2015

We all like to read writing that moves smoothly. Clunky writing, or writing where we have to think about the relationship between sentences or paragraphs, slows us down.

Business Writing

UK versus US English—Part Three

25. 5. 2015

A few more differences. Remember, neither version is ‘wrong’. They are just different.

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