Business Writing

V rubrice Business English vás seznamujeme s nejdůležitějšími pravidly moderní anglické obchodní korespondence. Autorkou rubriky je Dalice Trost.

Business Writing

The writing process: Post-writing

30. 11. 2015

Now to the final step of the writing process.
If you have followed stages 1 to 4 you have a fairly solid draft. It has all the information in it that you need, and all the information is in the right place in the structure. But, if you’ve followed my instructions, you may have typos and grammar errors. Now is the stage to fix these.

Business Writing

The writing process: Writing

23. 11. 2015

In my last post I talked about pre-writing—two stages of the writing process that involve thinking up your ideas and deciding on the structure. Spending time on these steps will help you write. You won’t need to worry about thinking up ideas at the same time as you are worrying about whether something should be in a new paragraph. Your idea thinking is done.

Business Writing

The writing process: pre-writing

16. 11. 2015

I use a process when I write. It has three steps. In this post we’ll explore the first steps –

Business Writing

Arranging meetings

9. 11. 2015

Have you ever received an email asking you to attend a meeting, but it didn’t provide all the information? It’s frustrating, and involves extra work for everyone as you check and ask for the missing data.

Business Writing

Checking understanding

2. 11. 2015

Previously I’ve emphasised how important it is for us to be clear in our emails. While we can control our own writing, we can’t always guarantee that the other person is going to be clear too.

Business Writing

Participating in Online Forums

26. 10. 2015

Do you participate in any online forums? If you’re doing any online study, it’s likely that you do. Or you may participate in an online networking group. Just as there are ‘rules’ for emailing, there are ‘rules’ for posting on these forums.

Business Writing

Too many words?

19. 10. 2015

Continuing on our theme of wordiness, it seems to be a problem that many of my blog readers recognise.

Business Writing

Wordiness, part II

12. 10. 2015

In my last tip I talked about some common causes of wordiness and how to fix them.

Business Writing


5. 10. 2015

I’ve been reading some academic and business writing lately. It’s been frustrating, mainly because many writers use unnecessary words.
Do you use more words than you need to?

Business Writing

More about uncountable and countable nouns

29. 9. 2015

Last time we looked at using ‘much’ with uncountable nouns and ‘many’ with countable nouns.

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