Business Writing

V rubrice Business English vás seznamujeme s nejdůležitějšími pravidly moderní anglické obchodní korespondence. Autorkou rubriky je Dalice Trost.

Business Writing

Elliptical constructions

15. 2. 2016

Today we’ll take a short look at elliptical constructions. These have nothing to do with the elliptical machine at the gym, thankfully. This “elliptical” comes from “ellipsis”, which the Oxford Dictionary defines as “The omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues.”

Business Writing

Sentence length: the long and the short of it

8. 2. 2016

Variety is the spice of life. This proverb may seem clichéd, but as with all clichés there is an element of truth in it, particularly when we talk about sentence length. If you want your writing to be boring and to send people to sleep, use the same sentence length and structure for each sentence.

Business Writing

Another tip for better sentences

1. 2. 2016

Sometimes I find tips for better writing in unexpected places.

Business Writing

A tip for writing better sentences

25. 1. 2016

In the past few posts we’ve looked at some common sentence problems. We’ve also looked at what makes a sentence and types of sentences. Now we’ll look at writing better sentences. This is a tip about style.

Business Writing

Run-on sentences

18. 1. 2016

In a previous tip I talked about sentence fragments. Today I want to talk about another sentence problem—run-on sentences.

Business Writing

Sentence fragments

11. 1. 2016

Have you ever run a spell and grammar check on MSWord and seen the message Fragment (consider revising)? Have you wondered what this actually means?

Business Writing

Comma splices

4. 1. 2016

Before I talk about comma splices, we need to think about independent clauses. What is an independent clause? It is a group of words that can stand on its own. In effect it is a sentence. It doesn’t need anything more; it can stand alone.

Business Writing

Types of sentences

21. 12. 2015

My last post looked at subjects and predicates. This tip introduces you to the four different types of sentences.

Business Writing

A few words about sentences

14. 12. 2015

Sentences are one of the main units of writing. We have words and we have paragraphs and, in between, we have sentences.

Business Writing

Modal verbs for ability: ‘can’ and ‘be able to’

7. 12. 2015

I often see confusion about the differences between ‘can’ and ‘be able to’. Sometimes we can replace one with the other, and sometimes we can’t. Both are used to talk about ability. I thought I’d try to clear up when and how we use these for you.

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