Business Writing

V rubrice Business English vás seznamujeme s nejdůležitějšími pravidly moderní anglické obchodní korespondence. Autorkou rubriky je Dalice Trost.

Business Writing

A Few Expressions to Avoid

25. 4. 2016

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Sometimes we fall into the trap of using standard expressions and clichés when we write. Don’t get me wrong—some standard expressions are useful. The problem comes when the expressions are outdated, or use too many words to communicate their meaning.

Business Writing

More Redundancy

18. 4. 2016

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Following last week’s tip about redundancy I thought it might be useful to provide a list that includes some more, commonly-used, redundant expressions.

Business Writing

A Common Redundancy

11. 4. 2016

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Have you noticed that when we’re speaking, whether we are giving a presentation or carrying on a conversation, we often repeat ourselves, using different words. We say things a number of times in different ways. Like I’ve just done. When we say the same things in different ways we call it ‘redundancy’.

Business Writing

A Useful Tool to Check Your Writing

4. 4. 2016

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A few days ago I discovered a useful text analysis tool. It seems it’s used regularly in education these days, so some of you may already be familiar with it.

Business Writing

There’s a Time and Place for That

29. 3. 2016

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Do you know there are over 100 prepositions in English? This means there’s plenty of scope to get them wrong.

Business Writing

Some and Any

21. 3. 2016

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In this post we’ll look more closely at two of the determiners—some and any. These two words, which can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns, express an indefinite quantity or number.

Business Writing

“But it’s how I speak …”

14. 3. 2016

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I was thinking today about the differences between writing and speaking. In emails we often write informally, as though we are speaking to the person. Emails are seen as an informal communication method in most instances, and writing as we speak is usually okay—although if you’re writing to a boss or a client, you may want to be more formal in your writing.

Business Writing

Avoid Expletives

7. 3. 2016

B1- B1 B2 C1

When you look up ‘expletive’ in a dictionary you will find at least two definitions. In this post I’m not talking about the definition that includes swearing and profanity. Of course swearing and profanity don’t belong in business writing so it would serve you well, and may possibly save your career, to avoid using them.

Business Writing

Dangling modifiers

29. 2. 2016

What is a dangling modifier? And if we don’t know what they are, are they really so important?

Business Writing


22. 2. 2016

In formal business writing we don’t often use contractions but, as you can see, we do use them in blogs. We also use them quite freely in emails.

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