Business Writing

Transition Words to Use in Reports

We all like to read writing that moves smoothly. Clunky writing, or writing where we have to think about the relationship between sentences or paragraphs, slows us down.

And in today’s information-rich world, many of us have too much to read to want to slow down and spend time working out just what a writer meant.

In English we have a number of useful transition words—words that link our ideas together. In the table they are arranged in lists to show you their function. These words create logical relationships between your ideas and they make your writing easier to read.

I hope you find them useful.

[col 10 first] [table format=1]
Addition Emphasis Sequence Example Comparison
Furthermore In fact First, second, third, etc For example On the other hand
In addition Surprisingly Next In this case Similarly
Moreover In any case Then Such as However
Lastly Indeed Finally Notably In contrast
As a matter of fact Certainly At this point In particular Whereas
[/table] [/col] [col 2 last] [/col]