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Report Writing—Some Useful Nouns

English is a rich language with many different ways to express the same thing. One of the main reasons we use different words at different times is because it makes our writing more interesting.

Here’s a not very interesting example:

  • Even though our sales figures increased, our costs increased too. Our headcount during the period increased, and we had an increase in payroll costs. We also had to pay a rent increase and the cost of electricity increased.

It’s rather dull to read, isn’t it?

  • Even though our sales figures increased, our costs went up too. During the period we employed some additional staff, which led to a rise in our payroll costs. The landlord also hiked up our rent and the electricity company revised their fees upwards.

Now, I’m not saying that this second version is perfect, but it’s definitely more interesting to read.

Unfortunately we’re often busy at work and can’t find the time to look up alternative words. When you are looking for a word to use, check the charts and quickly find an alternative.

This list of nouns is not exhaustive. There are many more options. But the list is a starting point, and might save you some time.

[col 6 first] [table format=1]
area field
authority source
behaviour conduct
beliefs ethics
benefit advantage
category type
component part
concept idea
controversy argument
drawback disadvantage
expansion increase
feeling emotion
framework structure
goal target
hypothesis theory
interpretation explanation
issue topic
method system
option possibility
quotation citation
results findings
statistics figures
study research
trend tendency
output production
[/table] [/col] [col 6 last][/col]