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Phrasal verbs (II)

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In my last post I promised you some more useful phrasal verbs. So let’s jump right in.

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Phrasal Verb Definition Example
To call (something) off To cancel Management has called off today’s meeting because three people are off sick.
To end up To eventually reach, do or decide We’ll probably end up having the meeting the day after tomorrow.
To figure (something) out To understand, to find the answer We’ll figure out what to do when we get the final sales figures.
To find out To discover Can you try and find out why our sales fell last month?
To get (something) back To receive something that you had before We need to get our team back to full strength, so we have made the recruitment action a top priority.
To give in To reluctantly stop arguing The other side weren’t entirely happy with the negotiation, but when they realized the strength of our position, they had no choice but to give in.
To give up To stop trying The prototype isn’t working correctly, but I don’t want us to give up on it.
To go after To follow someone The CEO will speak first at the meeting. The Head of Marketing will go after her.
To go after To try to achieve something We need to go after increased sales this quarter if we are going to meet the annual targets.
To go over To review Could you please go over these sales figures and provide a summary for the meeting tomorrow?
To hand (something) in To submit We’ve asked the client to hand in their quarterly projections by tomorrow.
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I’ll give you some more examples in my next post.

Happy writing.